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Boost your wastewater plant capacity this summer with pure oxygen

Overcoming seasonal load challenges with reliable SOLVOX® technologies and gas supply schemes

Summer can be a challenging time for wastewater treatment (WWT) plant operators. Higher temperatures place additional strain on facilities that are often already operating close to full capacity. By stimulating microbial growth and activity, a rise in temperature increases oxygen uptake and this can bring many operational and regulatory headaches. These include odor and foaming issues getting out of control, penalties for failing to meet environmental regulations and additional charges for effluent discharge. As a result, operators may struggle to meet their OPEX targets. In extreme cases, failure to comply with regulations can lead to plant closure and other sanctions leading to a severe impact on production operations, public reputation and, ultimately, profitability.

Oxygen-based aeration for business continuity

At Linde, we have helped hundreds of customers over the years to ensure smooth operations during seasonal peak loads and maintenance breaks with our SOLVOX ® portfolio for wastewater treatment. SOLVOX uses oxygen to enhance capacity at competitive cost. It can thus keep your operation running smoothly during warmer temperatures and periods of instability without necessitating major civil works. Pure oxygen has a saturation rate in water that is nearly five times higher than that of air. This means that only a small volume of pure oxygen needs to be added to wastewater treatment processes to achieve the desired dissolved oxygen level. This avoids the high energy input and the associated foaming that excessive traditional aeration can cause. Building on customer feedback and the hands-on insights of our experienced teams, we are continuously improving our SOLVOX oxygen-based aeration technologies responding to the industry’s current challenges.

SOLVOX® mobile - Flexible and efficient aeration technology

SOLVOX mobile is our new technology specifically developed for operators of small- to medium-sized industrial WWT plants that need to cope with seasonal and peak loads that typically occur during the warmer summer months. SOLVOX mobile is also ideal to bridge downtime during aeration equipment maintenance. This lightweight and compact unit can be easily installed, with no need to halt operations. The free-floating design means it is suited to basins with challenging shapes and lagoons with non-load-bearing linings. Benefits include low energy consumption and a modular design allowing operators the flexibility of adding as many SOLVOX units as they need in order to create the precise mixing intensity required by the process. 

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Reliable supplier at your side

When you are running a 24/7 operation, you need a reliable supplier by your side. A partner that lets you focus on running your business, without having to worry about late or cancelled deliveries. A partner who is always there when you need them – especially if you have urgent or seasonal requests. Customers the world over have chosen Linde as their supplier because they know they can count on our support at every stage of the solution lifecycle – from the initial assessment to the installation of a gas supply scheme that is tailored to their individual requirements. With local teams in more than 100 countries, our experts are always close at hand. We combine the hands-on insights of a regional team with the know-how and reach of a global organization to provide the best possible service on the ground.

Cross a headache off your list this summer by choosing Linde for your aerobic treatment needs.

"We have used oxygen in our pre-treatment stage for many years to reduce the amounts of VFAs and COD, which could overload our main wastewater treatment plant. When Linde experts made us aware of their new SOLVOX mobile, we could see that it was a simple and flexible solution that could be readily used in our pre-treatment lagoon. Installation was quick and simple, we received great support from Linde experts and it is very easy to operate. We are happy that Linde also thinks of the reduction of costs for the customer, both in the amount of required oxygen and in the power consumption of the oxygen dosing system."

Edwin Stulp, SOLIDUS Solutions, NL